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In order to love yourself you must first truly know yourself. There’s so much to discover! I’m here with an open heart to show you the way. It starts from within.




Start your day off with this short and sweet reading. Quick Quick Pull A Card is a special way to get clear on a situation in the now. It can be as simple as “What do I need to focus on to make it through the day?” You can think back to this card, my advice, and suggested method as you go along your day, you feel grounded and connected even if something negative were to come up. You’re prepared.



We start back in the past because even if we don’t like to admit it, these things effect out present and future. The way we make decisions, our self talk, and even how we behave in our relationships. It’s nice to have your past laid out in front of you as I reminder of where those things belong to help you not bring it into your future. The Now card is everything surrounding you today. Your thoughts, a situation you’re going through, or characteristics about yourself that are playing a huge part in your life. Take a look at these things. Is it serving you? Later doesn’t always make sense as it hasn’t happened yet. With your past and present your Later card gives you a likely outcome. It’s nice to take a mental picture of this card and keep it in the front of your mind in the next few days or even hours. Remember life is a rollercoaster. Don’t be afraid if your cards are somewhat negative, remember everything is temporary and you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good that will come.



Sometimes we need details of a situation we might’ve missed or don’t understand to really understand and get clarity on it. Imagine the situation being a dark room and this reading as the flashlight being shined upon your question and laid out in front of you. The first card of the reading describes the situation and cards 2-4 are factors that play into it. The good and the bad, so you can consider it all and see more clearly



Do you have someone special on your mind? This spread is to get clear on your intentions and the other persons as well. Cards 1-3 are your feelings and cards 4-6 are the other energies involved. This reading you’re able to take a step outside of the relationship and really take a look at it from a different perspective.



The hybrid or Celtic across reading is popular and favorited by a lot of physics. This 10 card spread starts off with the heart of the situation and then addresses all of the aspects of your question. It’s extremely detailed so I suggest after the reading you sit and meditate on it and even take pictures to look back on as things come up in the near future.



This spread is perfect for the new year or your birthday. As it dives into each month of the year ahead and then the overall theme. Get clear on the year ahead and be prepared for anything that might come up.



Let’s dive into your natal chart and learn all there is to know about YOU! We look to the stars with your birth date, time, and location to really begin to understand and know yourself. 

Sun Sign: Why do I express and act a certain way?

Moon Sign: Why do I feel and react the way I do?

Ascendant or Rising Sign: The mask you put on for the world.



Similiar to your sun sign in astrology, your life path number reveals talents, gifts and abilities that you might not even know you have. It also indicates how you process emotions during difficult times. Knowing your life path number will help you to understand what you want to do, where you want to go and who you want to be. Getting in tune with your number will help you get clear on your career and purpose and what you were put on this earth to do.



Ask any question and we will do a detailed reading that will get you clear on whatever it is that you need clarity on


11 percent of all proceeds will go Tiny Blessings Non Profit to the street kids of Makati Philippines.



I'm so excited that you have decided to book a reading with me. You can email or me what you are seeking clarity on at the info listed below. I will then personally write your reading and email it over within seven days. Look forward to hearing from you

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