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Tarot goes back to the late 14th century. The narrative surrounding tarot's origin is a lot. From gypsies and witches to ancient mythology. For centuries tarot has been used as a way to really look at your life and come up with the best possible outcome for your future. By focusing, putting all of your energy into the deck and concentrating on what you really need clarity on tarot will if you truly want it of course show you the way. Starting in the past, living in the now and the possible outcomes


The human species is a very self-curious creature. Since forever we have been searching to the heavens for advice. A very simple description of astrology is the study of the correlation between events in the heavens and life here on earth. It is one of the oldest bodies of knowledge in the world and has been trusted by many different cultures over the years. Your natal chart is a great place to start to understanding astrology and how it work in you. Starting in your sun sign which is your basic ego, moon sign which is your inner emotional self and rising sign which is the mask you put on for the world.


Similiar to your sun sign in astrology, your life path number reveals talents, gifts and abilities that you might not even know you have. It also indicates how you process emotions during difficult times. Knowing your life path number will help you to understand what you want to do, where you want to go and who you want to be. Getting in tune with your number will help you get clear on your career and purpose and what you were put on this earth to do.


What They’re Saying


I’ve known Sarah for what feels like forever. She has a kind and gentle energy that creates a welcoming environment. Her readings are accurate, intuitive, and knowledgeable. I’m a believer, are you?


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“Sarah is phenomenal! She just exudes positive energy and great vibes. I was hesitant to receive one at first because of previous readings I’ve had from other tarot readers, but she changed my perspective. Every reading I’ve received from Sarah has been 100% accurate. She knew about things that were going on in my life just from reading my cards! It has definitely helped me grow in my career and in my personal life. I definitely recommend going to see her for a reading!”



Sarah was very beautifully intune with my drawings. No questions asked, she layed them out phanomenly. Got quick to the inward, outward, and all in between.  I found the peace I needed to sort out and find my balance. Forever returning back to her old soul. There's so much to her, youd have to experience it to feel it. 


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When embarking on my spiritual journey there are many philosophies (some enlightened, some not so much), personalities, and directions that I came across. This made me very skeptical, and blocked me for years. We started a spiritual relationship slowly, and worked into her doing tarot card readings for me. As I asked about my job, mental stability, and my son, I saw that Sarah truly had a gift for doing session guided with sincerity and compassion.
Through time and trust, I finally had my relationship reading. It was the most beautiful thing I could have hoped to experience. If you want a pure insight, I encourage you to talk with Sarah. If you are unsure about guidance and you want to open up, do it! If you are currently being guided by this beautiful soul then you already know what I’m talking about.



"It's not just the true gift of Sarah and her readings, but the true passion, authenticity and commitment to every single person that receives a reading from her. The connection she has to what she does is what gives her that amazing ability to connect to others. Every reading i have received has gotten me clear on what was, what is and what will be. She is truly special"




My truth

My life was never easy. Many would say I got handed the shit end of the stick in many situations as soon as I came into this alluring world. 3:49 in the afternoon of March, 5th 1992 to be exact. Making me a Pisces Sun and an Aries Moon even though I might  come across as a Leo to you, more about that later. I always had a strong sense of intuition and people around me noticed. There were countless examples where I knew something that I wasn’t necessarily supposed to, from predicting my mother’s pregnancy at 6 years old, to feeling spirits as we slowly drive down the street and I innocently yell out “Mom! Someone died here!” Sure enough on the street corner we were stopped at, someone passed away a few days prior. Does that freak you out? It’s okay because it freaked me out too, and then life happened.


"You are fully supported by your purpose on this planet"

Nathallie Hughes